Enjoy a fun day at sea with numerous water sports equipment to make the day absolutely unforgettable

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With us you will also get the necessary water sports equipment for a fun day on the sea. Simply rent seabob, water ski, wake board, donut or a banana for children in addition to your boat. You can also find a selection of jet skies with us. You will certainly have a lot of fun on the water!

Jet skis are by far our most popular water sports equipment, which is due to the fact that it is a lot of fun to shoot over the water with these water motorcycles. Once you've left the harbor behind, you can step on the gas and push the device to the limit. Even if they are our first priority, our watersport equipment consists of much more than just jet skis. All water sports equipment is from quality manufacturers and of course in good condition.


Let yourself be pulled behind a boat and enjoy a round water ski around the Port Adriano port and the coast of Mallorca. It is unbelievable fun that everyone should have experienced once - of course it is hard to keep your balance in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it is just pure fun!


Wakeboarding is actually almost the same as waterskiing, except that you are not standing on two boards but only on one. So you could call it water snowboard, too. Whoever is well on the skate- or snowboard will most likely also cut a good figure on the wakeboard.


The Stand Up Paddle was invented in the 50s on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Hawaii! At that time it was the surf instructors who used it to keep an eye on their students or to take pictures of them. Since then a lot has happened and the paddle has even become a popular fitness toy with Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz.


Jet skiing is a lot of fun, but when you build such ingenious machines as Sea-Doo, not only maximum fun but also safety is guaranteed. By the way, we recommend our "rocket" the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx to pros and daring beginners. This jet ski is far more agile than other models and its handling is similar to that of a motocross machine!


For many of our customers the Seabob is the reason to spend a part of their holiday under water and we can understand it very well! What exactly does a Sebaob do? You can let the Seabob pull you on the water and even under water, as if you were holding on to a dolphin that obeys you at the push of a button and pulls you through the sea with up to 20 km/h.


Tubes are the more comfortable alternative to water skiing or wakeboarding, because instead of constantly struggling to keep your balance, you can make yourself comfortable sitting while the boat attracts you. On our tube from Spinera there is room for up to 6 people for a fun tour on the water.

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