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Private Island Zaya Nurai & Seafood BBQ

Zaya Nurai, UAE
Island Hopping

Discover this beautiful private island, unique and fantastic

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South of Dubai lies a hidden gem of the Arabian Gulf. Zaya Nurai, an island off the coast of Abu Dhabi, is a private resort beautiful and exclusive. You can reach the island from a superyacht and have full access to the exclusive services the resort offers, like restaurants, water sport activities and Spa.


From 5022
24 Hours
Continental Breakfast for 4. Seafood BBQ Dinner for 4. Water Sports and Jet Skis. 4 x Day Passes to Zaya Nurai
Available with 1 yacht
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Yacht options

Md 400 1

Sunseeker Manhattan 60

From 4111 per day
Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai, UAE
20.0m length
15 max
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