Weekend Gateaway in Rosaio Islands and Cholon

Cartagena, Colombia Island Hopping

Spend a weekend cruising in some of the best spots in Colombia

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Leaving early in the day, you will stop by the pristine beaches and hidden coves of Barú Island. Head on to a fun packed lunch, swimming and maybe some dancing in the lively Cholón Bay. You will spend the night in a deserted cove, enjoy a quiet dinner onboard (and perhaps a midnight swim?) The following morning takes you to the magical Rosario Islands and their myriad pristine beaches and turquoise bays. Discover a sunken plane, abandoned mansions and deserted swimming spots.  Return to Cartagena as the sun sets.

From € 1'380

12 2 Days
Hidden coves of Barú Island
Available with 12 yachts
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