Boat Tour around the Island of Capri - Half Day

Around the Island

Half day tour of the Island of Capri

Capri Boat Tour of Half Day
This option offers the possibility to discover the island in all its secret splendor, admiring the places that only the old sailors and fishermen of the past know, anecdotes of transmitting from generation to generation a Capri become IMMORTAL LEGEND.

What's included
Take a picnic breakfast or off the stacks or in the Marina Piccola Bay or in the shade of those hidden bays only we know

Prices may vary slightly depending on the extra services requested and agreed upon before closing the deal (wine, Prosecco, Champagne, picknick). Soft drinks, towels, shower, protective creams or tanning beds and equipment from snoorkeling are included in base rates. Purchase tickets for the boat service to the Blue Grotto is not against the company, but the gentlemen on board

Picnic Near Faraglioni
Secret Hidden Place
Most of Beautiful Grotto
Half Day Tour

From €230

8 4 Hours
Snacks - Drinks - Snorkeling Gear - Sunscreen - Towels
Available with 1 yacht
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