Sail from Bequia to Isle de Quatre

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Island Hopping

Visit the Grenadines and explore Isle de Quatre

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With this experience, you will depart at 09:30 on board a beautiful sailing boat or catamaran and start an amazing trip. The sail will be truly fantastic, you will be able to relax and enjoy the light breeze, whilst admiring the beautiful scenario around you with the islands of the Caribbean and the crystal clear water. You can then visit the islands, especially Isle de Quatre and admire the natural beauty that lies within them. You can spend time swimming and snorkelling, sunbathing and relaxing. This will be an amazing day. At 16:00 you will get back.

Bring a picnic lunch or enjoy a local lunch on board tasting the local cuisine. 

From $ 589

6 1 Day
Sail from Bequia to Isle de Quatre
Available with 17 yachts
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