Greek Weddings & Honeymoons

Special Occasions

Each wedding and honeymoon is tailor-made to suit the couples requirements.

If you are planning a unique wedding and honeymoon combined with relaxation, fun and adventure all with amazing weather why not do so while sailing the Greek Cyclades islands?

You will have unforgettable sunsets, stop at amazing secluded bays and walk hand in hand along quiet beaches.

In the evenings you choose to have a candlelit romantic dinner in a restaurant or taverna just for the two of you.

Getting married in Greece
Marriage on a Greek island
Turn your dreams into reality!
You can choose your own itinerary and we will ensure you have the best possible time.

Stop off at any island of your choice in the idyllic Cyclades region of Greece. We can moor in a marina or in a quiet bay under the stars.

Swim when you want and if you prefer our hostess can prepare your evening meal so you can dine on board should you not want to go ashore. The choice is entirely yours.

Santorini Wedding, Greece
Santorini Wedding
Wedding & Honeymoon or just your Honeymoon
We can cater for your needs whether you want your wedding on a Greek island with a honeymoon after on board sailing around the islands or just your honeymoon while being looked after by our experienced crew who will ensure the privacy you need.

Exclusive Use On Board
You will be the only passengers on board our spacious and luxurious 62' sailboat, Osyan. Our skipper and hostess will provide excellent service and you can book from 7 days for long as you would like.

Romantice Greek honeymoon
Time alone to enjoy fun together on a quiet beach
Arranging your wedding and / or honeymoon
Each wedding and honeymoon is tailor-made to suit the couples requirements.

We are sure you will have some questions and we would be delighted to provide you with any information you need.

From € 565

6 1 Day
Get married on a yacht in Greece!
Available with 2 yachts
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