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Exclusive yacht providers
Exclusive yacht providers
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We create your bespoke luxury yacht experience with the highest standard of care.

For our clients every journey is personal. Together with our partners we design uncompromised experiences. Unforgettable expeditions, health retreats, island hopping in the most unspoiled destinations, celebrating special occasions, team building events or a family adventure. We bring curated and bespoke yacht charter experiences and events in over 60 countries. Safe, private and extraordinary.

Virtual travel yacht experience in Indonesia

Island Hopping Boat rental in Croatia

Sm 400 10


This beautiful island is a fantastic example of nature where you can spend your summers...
6 1 Day
Sm 400 3

Elafiti Islands

This archipelago is one of the most spectacular places in Croatia, don't miss it!
6 1 Day
Sm 400 split 1590201 1280

Dubrovnik – Split 2 week charter

For a two week-charter, in case you would like to visit the old town of Split from...
8 14 Days
Sm 400 hvar2

Island Cruise in Croatia

Croatia is beautiful and this tour allows you to visit the most beautiful locations
6 5 Days
Sm 400 bol2

Cruise along the Croatian Riviera starting in Dubrovnik

From Dubrovnik to Maslinica, the Croatian Riviera is full of surprises
6 6 Days
Sm 400 jastog7 preview

Cruise the islands of the Šibenik archipelago, Zlarin and Prvić, and Fort of St. Nicholas, Croatia.

Experience our authentic fish picnic excursion! It includes visiting the islands of the...
100 1 Day

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