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Exclusive yacht providers
Exclusive yacht providers
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Plan your next team building event, go island hopping, get married on the water or celebrate a special occasion - our professional boat owners have created unique experiences in over 40 countries in many categories. We make the inspiring and the incredible possible.

Boat rental in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

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Be ready to enjoy a funny day at sea, sail Guanabara Bay, visit the Cagarras...
8 1 day
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Guanabara Bay / Baía de Guanabara

The tour through the Guanabara Bay passes through the city most beautiful postcards...
5 3 Hours
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Cagarras Islands / Ilhas Cagarras

This is our most requested tour because it combines the best features of each tour and...
5 3 Hours
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Rio's Beaches / Praias Cariocas

On this tour you will see the most beautiful beaches in Rio, through an exotic and...
5 3 Hours
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7 hours boat trip in Rio de Janeiro

Sailing trip along the coast of Rio de Janeiro / Passeio de veleiro no litoral do Rio...
12 7 h
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Tour of the Tijucas Islands

A 6-hour tour of the Tijuca Islands, contemplating the nature and the beings that live...
18 6 h
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Tour of Itaipu Beach

Walk for 3 or 6 hours, on the beautiful beach of Itaipú, sipping shrimps and fish on...
18 6 h
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Tour of the Cagarras Islands

6 or 3 hour tour through the wonderful Cagarras Islands! For nature lovers, those who...
18 6 h
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6 hours boat trip in Rio de Janeiro

Boat trip along the coast of Rio de Janeiro / Passeio de lancha do litoral do Rio de...
7 6 h

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