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Plan your next team building event, go island hopping, get married on the water or celebrate a special occasion - our professional boat owners have created unique experiences in over 40 countries in many categories. We make the inspiring and the incredible possible.

Boat rental in USA (California)

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Sailing Courses in Greece

Learn to sail on a magical 7 day trip in Greece.
7 1 Week
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24hr Overnight Cruise to Catalina Island

Spend overnight on the XL, the ultimate in luxury and indulgence.
12 1 Day
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12hr Day Cruise to Catalina Island/Admiral XL

Visit Catalina Island by yacht and see the beauty of the island
12 12 Hours
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8hr Santa Monica Bay cruise to Malibu/Admiral XL

Malibu and Santa Monica seen from a unique and luxurious perspective 
12 8 Hours
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6hr Santa Monica Bay cruise to Malibu/Admiral XL

Admire the beauties of Malibu on board a luxury yacht
12 6 Hours
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4hr Marina del Rey and Santa Monica Bay Cruise/Admiral XL

Depart from the harbour and visit the lovely Santa Monica Bay
12 4 Hours
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8hr Catalina Island Cruise

This beautiful cruise will take you to admire the beauty of Catalina Island
6 8 Hours
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4hr Malibu Cruise

Romantic cruise from Marina del Rey to Malibu
6 4 Hours
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3hr Santa Monica Cruise

From Marina del Rey to Santa Monica, enjoy this fantastic cruise in the Pacific
6 3 Hours

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