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Exclusive yacht providers
Exclusive yacht providers
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We create your bespoke luxury yacht experience with the highest standard of care.

For our clients every journey is personal. Together with our partners we design uncompromised experiences. Unforgettable expeditions, health retreats, island hopping in the most unspoiled destinations, celebrating special occasions, team building events or a family adventure. We bring curated and bespoke yacht charter experiences and events in over 60 countries. Safe, private and extraordinary.

Boat rental in Italy (West Coast)

Sm 400 amalfi coast and cilento1

Amalfi Coast and Cilento

The beautiful Amalfi Coast and Cilento is unmissable. Be sure to enjoy it on board a...
8 1 Day
Sm 400 pontine island  ischia and capri

Pontine Islands, Ischia and Capri

The beauty of Southern Italy on a fantastic luxury yacht
6 1 Day
Sm 400 bonifacio

Bocche di Bonifacio - Strait of Bonifacio

Sailing in the famous strait between Sardinia and Corsica offers unforgettable emotions.
4 1 Day
Sm 400 spiaggia rosa

Spiaggia Rosa: the pink beach

No, this is not the south pacific. This is Sardinia! Spiaggia Rosa is one of the most...
4 1 Day
Sm 400 exp maddalena

National Park of the Maddalena Archipelago

Maddalena Archipelago is a paradise for boating, with countless landing points to...
4 1 Day
Sm 400 exp sar molara

Private Island of Molara

Explore the unique private island of Molara, with some of the most spectacular views...
4 Day
Sm 400 exp sar paddleboard 2

Paddling a canoe in the emerald waters of Sardinia

Paddling a canoe in the emerald waters of Sardinia… The charm of anchoring out of Porto...
4 1 Day
Sm 400 exp sar razzoli island

Razzoli Island: A wild paradise

Make an unforgettable trip to a completely wild island in the north of Sardinia
4 1 Day
Sm 400 capri 5

Private Boat Excursion from the Amalfi Coast to Capri

Cruise along the Amalfi Coast to the famous island of Capri! Spend the day seeing the...
10 6 Hours

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