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Plan your next team building event, go island hopping, get married on the water or celebrate a special occasion - our professional boat owners have created unique experiences in over 40 countries in many categories. We make the inspiring and the incredible possible.

Along the Coast Boat rental

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Ligurian Riviera

Where the time is sweet the whole year
6 1 Day
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Travel itineraries in Sardinia East

The Eastern part of Sardinia cannot be missed
6 1 Day
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Travel itineraries in Sardinia South

From Cagliari to Villasimius, explore the beauties of Southern Sardinia
6 1 Day
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Travel itinerary in Sardinia West

Demanding route, recommended to experienced sailors can interpret the weather forecast...
6 1 Day
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Travel itineraries in Sardinia South-West

Visit the hidden beauties of Sardinia's South-Western Coast
6 1 Day
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Amalfi Coast Tour

After deciding on the departure time together, we will sail along the Amalfi coast,...
12 1 Day
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8hr Santa Monica Bay cruise to Malibu/Admiral XL

Malibu and Santa Monica seen from a unique and luxurious perspective 
12 8 Hours

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