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Exclusive yacht providers
Exclusive yacht providers
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We create your bespoke luxury yacht experience with the highest standard of care.

For our clients every journey is personal. Together with our partners we design uncompromised experiences. Unforgettable expeditions, health retreats, island hopping in the most unspoiled destinations, celebrating special occasions, team building events or a family adventure. We bring curated and bespoke yacht charter experiences and events in over 60 countries. Safe, private and extraordinary.

Island Hopping Boat rental

Sm 400 tara

French Polynesia 1 Week Island Cruise

7 days of pure relaxation visiting one of the most beautiful locations in the world
7 Days
Sm 400 bora bora cruise  01

Bora Bora Cruise

Explore unforgettable Bora Bora on a luxury catamaran.
4 Days
Sm 400 yacht sunset

Lagoons Cruise

This is a beautiful 4 day cruise on board a beautiful luxury catamaran
4 Days
Sm 400 mahana cruise 01a

Mahana Cruise

Explore beautiful French Polynesia on board our luxury catamarans.   
4 Days
Sm 400 iti iti huashine cruise 04a

Iti Iti Huahine cruise

This unforgettable 4-day trip will take you to visit the beautiful Huahine, Taha’a...
4 Days
Sm 400 bora bora view from air

Raiatea Bora Bora Cruise

This amazing experience is the perfect opportunity to explore the beauties of French...
4 Days
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Rabi Island

Discover the most idyllic tropical bay on Rabi Island.
7 day
Sm 400 1db111 b5d7d68b0812450a8bc4db18e013223a mv2 d 2560 1918 s 2

Ringgold Islands

Explore the beautiful Ringgold Islands on a luxury catamaran. 
7 day
Sm 400 1db111 37482f847c15482caa3f806c3be5cee3 mv2 d 6144 2140 s 2

Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Lau

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience then Vanua Balavu is your...
7 days

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