Explore authentic Boataffair experiences in Greece!

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07.06.2018 Carlo Zanon

Check out our latest blog post about Greece, the land of beauty and culture. Find out what magical experiences we offer on our quality boats! In this blog, we showcase the beautiful yacht and experiences offered by one of our trusted boat owners,...

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Visit Capri and experience the authentic lifestyle thanks to Boataffair

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29.05.2018 Carlo Zanon

Looking for a romantic get away as a couple? Then this blog post is for you. From ancient civilisation to modern day's luxury and fashion, Capri has always been one of the Mediterranean's true capital of wellbeing. Find out in our new blog what...

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An Interview with Daniel, a Boat Swapper from Australia

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17.05.2018 Adrian Walker

About 3 weeks ago we launched our new Boataffair Boat Swap scheme. Private boat owners can sign up to our site, list their boats and become part of a global community with shared values. Boat sharing without the rental costs. We believe that a...

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Carlo Zanon: My first 6 weeks working as Business Development Manager for Boataffair

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27.04.2018 Adrian Walker

The morning of the 8th of November 2017 I hopped on a train for Zurich and when I got home that evening I was working for Boataffair already. The meeting allowed me to meet and get to know in person the two Co-Founders, husband and wife Adrian and...

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Top 10 Holiday destinations for families

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16.04.2018 Alex Yellop

Boating holidays are becoming more and more popular with familes. With the Summer holidays quickly approaching we draw inspiration from the wonderful experiences offered by our boat owners. Be inspired by the endless possibilities of a summer...

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Debunking a myth - how expensive is renting a boat?

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09.04.2018 Adrian Walker

Although boat rental is very popular, yacht rental is generally seen as being very expensive. Boataffair's boat sharing network makes it possible to rent a yacht from as little as €135 per day

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A story of an experience

Sm 400 antonina1920
26.03.2018 Natalya Walker

Just before Christmas, I had received a phone call from a UK-based transformational coach, who was interested in chartering a yacht to host a retreat in spring 2018 in Greece. She was very excited to explain about the coaching programme she is...

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Our must follow Greek Instagram accounts

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16.03.2018 Alex Yellop

  Welcome back to Boataffair blog where we you bring you the very best in our boutique boat rentals, in depth looks into our destinations and more. In today’s blogpost we dive into the digital World, to Instagram in...

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A Catalan Cruise

Sm 400 louer vacances costa brava
02.03.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to the Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series of country profiles and explore the exciting possibilities of what it means to rent a boat or charter a yacht with Boataffair. In today’s entry we turn to the Costa Brava and...

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Creating Memories in the Canaries

Sm 400 country canary islands tenerife 1
19.02.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series of country profiles. In this week’s entry we head just off the North West coast of Africa to the Canary Islands where sun, sand, swim and surf combine to create the perfect...

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