A Catalan Cruise

Sm 400 louer vacances costa brava
02.03.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to the Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series of country profiles and explore the exciting possibilities of what it means to rent a boat or charter a yacht with Boataffair. In today’s entry we turn to the Costa Brava and...

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Creating Memories in the Canaries

Sm 400 country canary islands tenerife 1
19.02.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series of country profiles. In this week’s entry we head just off the North West coast of Africa to the Canary Islands where sun, sand, swim and surf combine to create the perfect...

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First time at Boot Düsseldorf - blog by Boataffair's BD Manager Carlo Zanon

Sm 400 carlo boot1
13.02.2018 Natalya Walker

On the 24th of January 2018 co-founder and CEO Adrian Walker and me took-off towards the 2018 Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show. The plan was simple, stay at the show for two days and raise as much awareness as we could about Boataffair. To do so, we...

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Best beaches to discover in Mallorca by boat

Sm 400 the best beaches of majorca majorca cala mesquida beach in mallorca balearic islands of spain 536 8538
07.02.2018 Natalya Walker

Local Mallorca boat owners and captains share their recommendations of the best beaches in Mallorca Welcome back to Boataffair blog. In today’s entry we continue with our ongoing series of country profiles and discover Mallorca and the...

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How My First Sailing Trip Changed My Life

Sm 400 cally and john  1
30.01.2018 Natalya Walker

Many people dream about starting an adventure and doing something different. It takes courage but rewards are literally life-changing! We are thrilled to share with you this inspiration guest blog by a sailing couple Cally & John, where they...

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Never ending experiences in Nettuno, Italy

Sm 400 0618 01 wide q98a9721
19.01.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series into the exciting countries where we operate and go beyond the guide book with local, authentic experiences curated by our boat owners. In today’s post we head past Rome and to...

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Exploring Northern Spain - see the Cies Islands and more with Boataffair

Sm 400 vigo 70024 9939043
11.01.2018 Alex Yellop

At Boataffair we love to discover and share with you authentic, little known places and experiences for you to explore and enjoy. Continuing with our country profile series we turn towards the rugged and rural Galician coast of Northern...

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When in London

Sm 400 1744 060
06.01.2018 Alex Yellop

At Boataffair we are passionate about tailored experiences, start-ups, the sharing economy, travel and all things authentic. We have been running our country series to showcase all the beautiful experiences you can have in different countries....

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We love Cyprus

Sm 400 61272052
04.01.2018 Alex Yellop

The gateway between Europe and the Middle East, Cyprus is a country that astounds and charms on every visit. In our ongoing series of country profiles, Boataffair dives into the crystal clear waters of Cyprus and brings you the top spots to visit...

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Cruising the Croatian Coastline

Sm 400 dubrovnik
15.12.2017 Alex Yellop

In our latest entry in our new series of country profiles we cruise the Croatian coastline and discover the hidden treasures and local delights along the way. With over 1200 islands in the Croatian Adriatic, Croatia is truly a boat renters...

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